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A new Anxiety Combo Treatment is here!

TherapiesPosted by Sally-Anne Fri, March 15, 2019 02:19PM
By Anne Marie Allen Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist

I'm really excited to announce a new treatment coming in April 2019!

It doesn't matter where you go or what you do - your mind and your thoughts always go with you. As a person who's suffered from otherthinking and anxiety in the past, I know how miserable and debilitating it can be.

Sometimes you just wish there was an off switch - this treatment is it!

It has been designed for people who suffer from anxiety and overthinking, to help you take control, let go, switch off, calm your thoughts and help you overcome your anxiety.

This new treatment is called - the Anxiety Combo, as it combines wonderful reflexology with the magical powers of aromatherapy and reiki.
During your hour and a half appointment, you'll recieve a full reflexology treatment using especially selected aromatherapy oils. Whilst you drift your session will be rounded off with some deeply relaxing yet incredibly powerful reiki.

This new treatment is £40 for 1.5 hours. More booking details to follow shortly.

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How can Angelic Reiki Help Me?

TherapiesPosted by Sally-Anne Tue, February 26, 2019 01:49PM

By Sally-Anne Marler - Intuitive Card Reader & Angelic Reiki Practitioner

I work with many clients who are experiencing various difficulties or challenges in their lives to help them understand what is going on for them energetically and how energy is connected in with our emotions, thoughts, physical body and spiritual connection.

Here are some of the problems my clients are typically experiencing:-

· Inner conflicts (overthinking or analysing a situation)

· Loss of Inner sense of security Lack of confidence

· Feeling under psychic attack

· Lack of confidence

· Survival issues - fear based thoughts

· Loss of Identity with self

· Difficulty in receiving or accepting good things

· Feeling Stuck

· Unable to move forward

· Lack of direction in life

· Lack inspiration or drive

· Anxiety or panic attacks

· Frustration at lack of achievement/success

· Inability to manifest

· Feel you can't cope

· Continually picking up other peoples negative energy or issues

What I want to help the clients achieve, is more flow with their energy - this helps overcome blocks within the energy that might have an emotional or mental connection - and more balance so that energy centres are working together collaboratively and in harmony with each other.

Clients often comment about feeling a sense of release or peace of mind or clarity they hadn't felt before - especially the clients that have tendancies to overthink or overanalyse.

Also the process helps the clients connect into their intentions - work out their 'why' in life and feel more connected to their true or authentic self. During the healing session they may see colours, have sensations or feelings that come to the surface which may or may not trigger an emotional release. There are lots of different responses but all have a connection and purpose for the client as the healing is carried out for their highest good and in alignment with what they need now - linking in with intention.

In addition I might pick up other information from spirit guides or angels - sometimes spirit animals or see past life events that might be relevant to the clients healing journey.

At the end of the session I encourage the client to pick an oracle card or a soul practice that might add some extra insight and help clarify a few things.

We are starting to realise that we are made up of more than we initially thought - people are awakening to their gifts and the possibilities in life. Energy healing isn't woo woo - it's scientifically been proven that we have energy and interact with it. We might not be able to prove the exact workings of it here in the western world - but the eastern world have been practicing energy healing for over 5000 years now.

I've had some fabulous feedback from clients after their session - you can go to my facebook page and read the reviews there to find out more.

This month (March 2019) I'm offering a £10 discount for anyone that books in for an Angelic Reiki and Energy Healing session, making it £30 for 1.5 hours. You'll also receive an email after your healing session summarising the results and any insights gained during the session. Please quote ANGELHEALING10 in the redeem code section.

Look forward to seeing you if you book in and if not - stay energy savvy, look after your needs, don't overcompromise yourself and be uniquely and creatively you!

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6 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

General Health & WellbeingPosted by Sally-Anne Fri, January 25, 2019 01:05PM
By Anne Marie Allen Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist

If you have anxiety, you’ll know how debilitating it is and how it can totally take over your life, and being told not to worry about it or it’ll be fine really doesn’t help.

Anxiety can be so crippling that it’s the only thing on your mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can interfere with your sleep, social plans and take over your life.

If you have anxiety you may feel:

• Panic

• Palpitations

• Sweating

• Worried about being judged, embarrassed or ridiculed

• Over thinking

• Self-conscious

• Fixated about everyday events

• Unrealistic excessive worry with little or no reason

• Uneasiness

• Sleep problems

• Shortness of breath

• Tense muscles

• Dry mouth

• Not feeling calm

• Dizziness

• Dry mouth

It can be hard to get across and explain to friends and family the weight and depth of how your feeling.

Therapies such as reflexology can help using pressure on reflex points such as adrenal glands, brain, pineal, pituitary can help relieve anxiety. I often do reflexology with clients who suffer with anxiety in varying degrees, and they always feel the benefits after a having this treatment. If you can't access reflexology, here are a few tips to try at home:

1. Distract yourself - When you’re feeling anxious you just wish your head had an off button so you can turn the thoughts off for a little while…Well that’s tip number one, do anything to distract yourself: gardening, read, a puzzle, go to the cinema, surround yourself with friends, do anything and just get out of your head for a while.

2. Exercise - Start a new exercise, this has a two-fold effect meaning concentrating on the steps in a Zumba class or the poses in a yoga class helps you to stop thinking of anything else anxiety based and the endorphins help you to feel good too.

3. Super Mood Boosting Foods - Check your diet to ensure that it’s not too full of processed foods or caffeine and then up your intake of nuts, soy, milk, yoghurt especially live, dark green leafies, dark orange vegetables, soup, legumes, citrus, wheatgerm, berries.

4. Meditate - Meditation research has found it helpful for relieving anxiety even five or ten minutes a day can help.

5. Balance - I’ve used reiki a lot with anxiety and it often provides welcome relief,. When you have a reiki treatment your whole mind, body and spirit are balanced along with your chakras and any blocked or stagnant energy is released leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and more like you. If you’re not trained in reiki you can try a reiki treatment with your local practitioner. If you find it beneficial you may like to learn how to do reiki yourself.

6. Aromatherapy - Bergamot essential oil is wonderfully calming and relaxing and is often used to help anxiety and depression, to use it at home you can add it to your oil burner, sprinkle it on a tissue or add it to your bath.

If your interested in trying reflexology, reiki or in purchasing some bergamot essential oil contact me at Acorn Natural Health Centre on 01773 687 349 or book online at

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Child loss, bereavement and Homeopathy

TherapiesPosted by Sally-Anne Tue, January 22, 2019 01:42PM
By Jadwiga James - Homeopath & Herbalist, Access Bars practitioner

Dealing with death of a loved one is never easy, and one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching experiences is the loss of a child, whether it’s through miscarriage, stillbirth, illness or an accident.

Grief is a complex and confusing process, involving a whole array of different and conflicting emotions. We are told that there are 6 stages of grief:

Shock and denial

• Pain and guilt

• Anger and bargaining

• Depression

• Reconstruction

• Acceptance and hope

But the truth is that grief is such a personal experience, that it cannot be classified nor put within any time frames. Each bereaved person carries a completely unique story. Although some of us might be sharing the same circumstances, their scope and impact on each one’s life can vary dramatically and will depend on a whole range of different factors.

It’s very important to be able to open up to someone about what you are dealing with but, ultimately, grief is a very lonely state. Some people find dealing with loss so difficult that they cut themselves from it completely, whilst others become stuck… paralysed by grief and devastation, becoming incapacitated and unable to carry on living a life they knew before. Some people are not willing to ask for help and want to deal with loss on their own. They might feel that doing anything to lessen their heartache lies on par with betrayal of the memory of their loved one. In the end, we are rarely the same people after grief.

How can homeopathy help?

In choosing a remedy for grief, a homeopath takes into account the person’s experiences and their reactions to them. Being of belief that the mind, body and emotions are interconnected, homeopath looks for specific pattern hiding behind the suffering, the very thing that makes the person’s experience so individual to him.

As homeopathy has been around for over 200 years, its remedies have an equally long history of practical and clinical verification. Thanks to the sheer volume of their usage, some of the preparations became widely-known for their specifically useful action when it comes to dealing with effects of grief, shock and trauma.

The most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies for dealing with grief and loss are:

Aconite: a remedy for shock; not only for those who experience the loss themselves but for those who may have bore a witness to it, e.g. the nursing staff. Aconite is most useful when a person suffering loss becomes convinced of approaching death, experiences panic attacks and palpitations. It’s a sudden and active response. Aconite can be considered as a first-line remedy.

Calcarea Carbonica: a remedy for over-identifying with the deceased; people needing Calcarea Carbonica are very easily affected by tragic stories, might start imagining what it’s like to be dead and become either easily startled and oversensitive or suffer from dullness and confusion of thoughts as a result.

Ignatia Amara: a remedy for recent grief or grief which is felt with the same intensity despite the passage of time; people needing Ignatia might suffer from sudden, uncontrollable bouts of tears, laughter, anger and despair, all of which are very intense in their character; very commonly there is a sensation of a ball stuck in their throat as well as frequent sighing and yawning.

Natrum Muriaticum: a remedy for chronic effects of grief which was never allowed to be expressed fully; it’s a very common occurrence that people need to cut-short their time of bereavement on account of work or family commitments, which can result in semi-permanent state of unresolved feelings; the grief becomes like a secret wound which needs to remain hidden from others and never shared, thus people needing Natrum Muriaticum are very often closed emotionally and find it difficult to cry, especially in front of others.

Phosphoric Acid: a remedy for burn-out after a death of a loved one; people needing Phosphoric Acid might experience hair loss as a result of grief as well as complete apathy, emptiness and physical, as well as mental, exhaustion.

Staphysagria: a remedy for unexpressed grief with feelings of anger; especially suited for when the loss involved further surgical intervention which might have aroused feelings of having been violated; people benefiting from Staphysagria very often blame themselves for what has happened.

Homeopathy doesn’t interfere with bereavement. It will not prevent anyone from experiencing or processing the pain and loss in a balanced and healthy way. It can simply aid in release of emotions and ensure one does not become stuck in any part of the grieving process, whilst providing support in dealing with it in a gentler and more conscious manner. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, don’t cause any adverse side-effects and can be taken on their own as well as a part of any other type of treatment; there is no age limit to their usage, which makes them safe to use in every stage of life.

My name is Jadwiga James and I offer a free 15/20 minute consultation either over the phone or in person at Acorn Natural Health Centre. Please get in touch to find out more.

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